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VCM Performance stands as a paragon in the world of automotive brilliance. As a homegrown Australian powerhouse, VCM has championed the fusion of top-tier induction, valve train, and supercharger products, matched only by their commitment to customer excellence. With a legacy anchored in LS excellence, from groundbreaking OTRs to pioneering tuning software via HP Tuners, VCM has ceaselessly revved the engine of innovation. Their diversification into the world of Jeep, Mercedes, and their keen gaze towards the European giants like BMW, Mercedes & Audi, underlines their insatiable thirst for automotive dominance.

We’ve been working with Bez Media for close to 10 years. They have a great understanding of the automotive industry and have produced many amazing ideas and videos for us; together with making the process very easy when producing a video.
We have had the majority of our videos produced and handed over within the same day. We absolutely love the video handover speed.”

Mario P – Director of VCM Performance

Our collaboration with VCM spans over a remarkable decade, a testament to our shared values and vision. Entrusted with VCM’s external marketing, we’ve been their creative arm, sculpting content strategies, capturing moments in photo and video, and crafting narratives that resonate. From concise and impactful short-form content to comprehensive installation guides, product deep dives, and the raw, unfiltered power of VCM’s products in action – we’ve narrated the VCM story in all its glory.

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  • Decoding Automotive Brilliance: From Engine Roar to Screen

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