GUESS Kids Shop Internal

Pairing up with the stylish brand, GUESS, we embarked on a dynamic mission, spotlighting the essence of their retail expertise across Australia. Every stylish outfit, every elegant display, and every customer interaction became elements of our crafted narrative. Our venture expanded with the new arrival of GUESS Kids store, a foray into the vibrant world of children’s fashion. Our devoted team went beyond mere documentation; we aimed to seize the elegance and trendsetting nature that embodies GUESS, creating a charming portrayal of their retail environment.

Our services for GUESS spanned across different domains. We ventured into video production, generating an engaging internal training video distributed to all outlets throughout Australia. The objective was to create an instructive and compelling narrative that resonates with the GUESS ethos. Additionally, our photography and video production services brought out the elegance of their outlets, creating a visual feast that showcases the brand’s sophistication. The launching of GUESS Kids was another realm, where our cameras caught the fresh, lively essence of the new store, creating both photo and video content that resonates with the youthful and energetic vibe of GUESS Kids.

  • Documenting GUESS’s Retail Elegance
  •  Showcasing Fashion Evolution with GUESS Kids
  • Capturing Style, Crafting Narratives

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