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Collaborating with the iconic brand, LEGO, we embarked on a vibrant journey, chronicling the exhilaration of multiple store openings across Australia. Every ribbon-cut, every excited child, and every building block became a part of our vivid narrative. As the anticipation grew with each opening, we also had the unique opportunity to capture special events graced by the Lego Master host, Brickman. Our dedicated team went beyond simple documentation; we aimed to capture the very essence of what makes LEGO an enduring favorite among all ages.

“Bez Agency did did an amazing job capturing footage of our new stores. The photos were exactly what we wanted and the video perfectly captured the fun and excitement of the day. I highly recommend Bez Agency if you are looking for high quality video and photography with a tight turnaround.”

Rebecca W – Marketing Manager of AG LEGO® Certified Stores Australia & NZ

Our services for LEGO encompassed more than just documenting events. We delved deep into video production, capturing dynamic visuals that showcased the brand’s evolution, its connection with its audience, and the sheer joy of creation. Alongside, our photography aimed to freeze those candid moments, the smiles, the surprise, and the marvel of creation. Together, our content creation efforts told a compelling story of LEGO’s impact, its legacy, and its future in Australia.

  • Chronicling LEGO’s Aussie Expansion
  • Crafting Stories with Brickman’s Mastery
  • Capturing Moments, Building Memories

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