Lamborghini Countach

Embarking on an adrenaline-charged journey with Lamborghini, we’ve been entrusted to capture the soul of this iconic supercar dynasty. Our adventure has spanned from the high-octane release of the Huracan STO to the nostalgic rebirth of the Countach, each moment immortalized in vibrant detail through our lenses.

Our multifaceted partnership with Lamborghini has propelled us into a series of demanding, exhilarating projects. The global debut of the Huracan STO was a race against the clock, challenged by unpredictable weather and tight schedules. Despite this, our team triumphed, producing electrifying content that was disseminated across Lamborghini’s international social media and dealer networks.

The artistic journey didn’t end there; we were privileged to document the transformation of the Huracan’s bonnet, a process that unfolded over several days and showcased the meticulous craftsmanship of artist Marcus Watson.

Our most exclusive assignment was perhaps chronicling the journey of one of only two Lamborghini Countachs in Australia, from its initial days in quarantine to the joyous handover to its owner.

Recently, we embarked on the Giro Oceania, a three-day Bull Run across Victoria’s High Country, adding another thrilling chapter to our collaboration. Tasked with capturing official daily photo and video content, our team was immersed in the essence of Lamborghini spirit, culminating in a finale video that encapsulated the fervor and camaraderie of the event.

Notably, our collaboration extended to the Lamborghini URUS, with our photography achieving global recognition, gracing Lamborghini’s social channels and dealerships worldwide.

Through these endeavors, we’ve not only demonstrated our team’s resilience, dedication, and narrative prowess but also cemented our role as a trusted visual storyteller for Lamborghini:

  • Navigating challenges to spotlight the Huracan STO’s global launch
  • Documenting artistic finesse on the Huracan’s unique canvas
  • Capturing the essence of the Giro Oceania Bull Run adventure
  • Preserving the exclusive journey of the rare Countach, from its first touch of Australian soil to its owner’s hands
  • Delivering a worldwide sensation with the Lamborghini URUS

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