Brick Business

Teaming up with the innovative Brick Business, we set off on a creative journey, showcasing the new wave of tools and ideas shaking up the traditional world of bricklaying in Australia. Every new product, every unique tool, and every custom trailer got its moment in the spotlight. As each new item was revealed, we were there to catch the excitement and change in the air. Our committed team did more than just document; we aimed to capture the fresh spirit of change brought by the Brick Business to this old-school trade.

“Bez Agency was initially highly recommended to us from a friend and I can see why! Bez makes the process super easy and painless, what impresses me most is his ability to capture your vision and create a video that actually exceeds what you had in mind. I would recommend Bez highly and we will definitely be using him again.”

Scott H – Managing Director

Our work with the Brick Business went beyond just capturing events. We got into video production, creating lively visuals that showcased the brand’s new steps, its bond with the community, and the practical magic of their inventions. At the same time, our photography caught those key moments, the satisfaction, the progress, and the spirit of modern craftsmanship. Together, our content told a captivating story of Brick Business’s impact, its fresh approach, and its growing mark in Australia.

  • Narrating Brick Business’s Evolution
  • Crafting Stories of Modernized Tradecraft
  • Capturing Change, Building The Future

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