Controversial Watches

Diving into a fresh venture with Controversial Watches, a budding brand with a zest for timeless aesthetics, our voyage commenced by understanding their unique value proposition in the timepiece arena. Our task was to craft a visually stirring narrative that could exemplify the precision, elegance, and bold statement their watches aimed to deliver. Every tick of their watches represented a fusion of tradition and modernity which we aspired to encapsulate in our visuals.

Our approach was twofold: video production and photography. Through the lens, we endeavored to reflect the meticulous craftsmanship, the fine artistry, and the audacious character inherent in each watch. Our video voyage embarked with the close-ups of the tick, a dance of gears in silent eloquence, leading to the wider, lifestyle frames showing the watch as a companion of the contemporary go-getter.

Our photography echoed the same ethos. Each frame was curated with a blend of classic and contemporary backdrops, accentuating the design, the finesse, and the statement of Controversial Watches. The images were not merely product shots; they were stories whispering the brand’s essence.

  • Launching Controversial’s Timepieces
  • Capturing the Tick and Tock
  • Chronicles in Every Frame

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