Mini Australia

Joining forces with Autosports Group and Mini Australia, we set forth on an electrifying journey to encapsulate the zeal of an owner-driver experience on a designated track day. The symphony of engines roaring to life, the camaraderie among Mini enthusiasts, and the joy of maneuvering around the track manifested the essence of adventure intrinsic to the brand. As drivers reveled in the responsive agility of their Minis, our lenses were poised to capture every invigorating moment.

Our quest with Autosports Group and Mini Australia involved curating short-form video content, diligently crafted to mirror the brand’s indomitable spirit and the elation coursing through the veins of the participants. From the first light of dawn breaking over the racetrack to the camaraderie shared over recounting the day’s excitement, we sculpted a narrative that portrayed much more than a car; it depicted a vibrant community. Each clip curated was a gateway into the enthralling world of Mini, an ode to the exhilaration it bestows, and the fellowship it engenders.

  • A Day on the Track with Mini Aficionados
  • Cultivating Connection, Narrating Adventures
  • The Mini Chronicle, Unveiling Stories

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