Engaging with the ingenious minds at 1MILLIKELVIN, we delved into a realm where thermography, aerospace engineering, and structural health monitoring converge to redefine stress analysis. Unveiling the world’s first fully-integrated microbolometer-based thermoelastic stress imaging system, each frame we captured resonated with innovation. As the technology unfolded its potential, simplifying complex analysis into user-friendly, precise stress maps, our storytelling evolved, encapsulating the brilliance of this groundbreaking invention. Our committed team didn’t just record events; we brought to the forefront the change 1MILLIKELVIN’s innovation is poised to usher in.

“Christian, Bez and the team were great to work with. We gave them a brief of what we wanted and they made sure it happened. Easy to work with, had plenty of fun doing the shooting and the final videos turned out great. Highly recommended”
Kheang K – Managing Director

Our journey with 1MILLIKELVIN was about unearthing the essence of this novel technology through video production. We crafted a series of insightful videos, initiating audiences into the core theory, highlighting the problems addressed, the efficient solutions offered, and the array of industries standing to benefit. Furthermore, our short-form content for their website complemented the video narrative, providing a seamless user engagement experience. Together, our creative efforts showcased a narrative that’s as compelling and innovative as the technology itself.

  • Unraveling the Future of Stress Analysis
  • Innovative Imagery, Insightful Interpretation
  • Technology Told, Innovation Unfolded

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